What makes Abacus so different?

We are different because we bring the lab to the poo and:

  • We take the hassle out of the worm counting process. 
  • You do not need to post samples or take them to your Vet.  We come to you, so you don't have any postage costs. 
     That's the difference.
  • We bring the lab to the poo.  Because we carry out the testing on site, we have access to a larger and fresher sample. That's the difference.
  • We take a worming history of each horse. This, together with the egg count result, helps us to make an individual plan that is tailored for your horse's unique circumstances as part of our standard service, for no extra chargeThat's the difference.
  • Test results are given to you IMMEDIATELY and securely on the day. We can also confirm the results by email, with our unique 'traffic-light' system for easy reference, or by text if requested. That's the difference. 
For new horses coming onto the yard we can test on the day of arrival and you will then know whether to worm or quarantine the animal or whether it can go straight out onto pasture. That's the difference

Our unique service brings the lab to the pooWe truly offer you the best of all worlds, and that is what makes us so different.

Abacus does all of this at extremely competitive rates (for less than the price of most wormers, in fact).  

Check it out for yourself.  See our Price List for details.

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