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Saturday 6th August Blog

posted 7 Aug 2011, 01:01 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

I am writing this quite late this week as I have only just got back to the Lab having been to a really prestigious yard for talks about wormcounting their yard!  I am still on cloud nine and cannot really tell you much about it yet but watch this space!  If we get the yard it will really be a feather in Abacus’ cap.  It is like wormcount royalty in this area.  Please keep everything crossed for us.

The week has been really fun.  We were invited to wormcount at a yard whilst they were having a yard barbecue. They had also invited the Dengie weighbridge team to do body scores and weighing.  We have made good contacts with the ladies from Dengie and hope to do lots more of these combined days.  It is an excellent information day for the liveries as they will learn exactly how heavy their horse is so that they can use the exact amount of worming products to prevent underworming issues which can, as we all know, cause resistances. We hope also to do some combined days with Dodson & Horrell in the Spring. 

There were a lot of tapeworm eggs present in our wormcount reports this week.  Perhaps the weather has had something to do with it? Difficult to deal with too as it is still early in the season to be worming for tapes.  We have simply taken every case individually and dealt with the circumstances. Some were wormed with Pramox very late in the Spring season and some were underwormed last Winter. We should be able to get them all back on track soon.

Many ponies have been injected with Noromectin too for mites.  This is a cattle wormer based on Ivermectin and seems to be very popular amongst the ‘hairy’ community.  It will be very interesting to wormcount them next time round to see what the effect has been.

Today was just brilliant.  I visited a yard with some real characters both equine and human.  I met two half brother donkeys and their lifelong friend, a miniature Shetland.  Delightful, as was their octogenarian owner!  This job just gets better and better! A different set of faces every day but the sights and sound of horsey yards remains the same! Who could want more?

Anyway.  I will leave you to enjoy another week, hopefully with slightly less rain. Keep poo picking and watch out for those stable flies – they are part of the Habronema Muscae worm lifecycle which can cause stomach problems and issues with open wounds in horses. We have seen several larvae in samples this week!

Bye for now.

The Ab-Lab Team

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