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Saturday, 30th July Blog

posted 30 Jul 2011, 10:36 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi Everyone

Well, the weeks just seem to get busier and busier! I think however, that we have surpassed ourselves this time!


We have introduced a new service – on-site practical pinworm testing, and it has really taken off.  I was out at a yard at 7.30 a.m. the other day to test the horses before they all went out for the day.  This is the best time to catch the pinworms as they lay their eggs early in the day and that is when I am out catching them. No jokes about early birds please!


Then there was the day of the two 40 horse yards.  That was a lot of poo I can tell you.  Some really high counts unfortunately and quite a few tapeworm eggs, but sound SQP advice sorted them out.  The nice thing is that quite a lot of owners who were not there when the wormcounts were done called us for a chat about their results and to talk over the plans.  We have made some lovely new friends and have been able to help their horses. Nice.


As if that was not enough for one week I had to give a talk to a huge livery yard that had not previously used wormcounting as part of their worm control programme.  I explained the reasons why we wormcount and why we must stop worming as a matter of course as resistance is becoming more and more prevalent. I also showed them our  Ascarid and Cyathostome family album! Some really gruesome pictures of worms and the problems they have caused. There were more than 75 people there and they all seemed really interested and keen to start wormcounting.  They booked a day next week.  Oh well, another busy week ahead!


Today by contrast was nice and quiet with just a few FERTs from tests done two weeks ago.  On the farm front, all the hay has been cut and baled now but unfortunately the baler seemed to have developed a glitch when it came to my field and only picked up half the hay!  I spent a ‘fun’ afternoon scraping up loose hay from 2 acres of gently sloping grass so that I can put my horses out in the field now that the bales have gone.  I now know how early farmers felt after a day of haymaking with primitive tools – completely shattered!  The blisters are something to behold. Hay Ho (!)  Have a great week and enjoy your riding and driving!


Bye for now.


The Ab-Lab Team

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