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Saturday, 30 October Blog

posted 30 Oct 2011, 11:20 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

Don’t these Saturdays come round quickly? I can’t believe I’m sitting here writing another blog.  It seems like I just finished the last one!  Time just flies when you’re having fun! 

We have had another really busy week.  Thought things would definitely be slowing down on the wormcount front but no! Apart from the yards that are still booked in we have had a lot of new customers who want to check what they should be doing for winter worming or have a wormcount done to make sure that their autumn worming has worked. 

Sadly we have been doing rather a lot of welfare wormcounts for local Vets. Good that they are being done but bad that they have to be if you know what I mean! The nice thing is that we are being asked to do it. Because we offer an instant result then this service is a very useful tool for the Vet who can rule in or out parasite infestation in his diagnosis without the wait for results to come back which apparently have taken up to two weeks!! 

I have been spending the week taking my poor horse’s temperature each morning and night to check for laminitis, an unwelcome byproduct of the corticosteroids which he is having for his spinal cord damage.  He is fluctuating by .5 of a degree and every change sends me into orbit!  We still have two weeks to go until we can go back to his hospital in Newmarket to check if the therapy is working.  The best we can hope for is that his nerves will regenerate and his bladder will stop paralyzing.  He may even be able to do some light work.  We won’t know till 17th November and half of me can’t wait and the other half is dreading it and doesn’t want it to come!

Last night my other half and I completed a two mile charity run in the dark!  Well almost in the dark as there were some lovely fairy lights and lanterns marking the route. It was fun but knackering!  I had not realised how unfit I have become since not riding my lovely horse even though I am still walking at least five miles every day what with work and horses and life in general! It is surprising how things slide when you don’t work at them, which reminds me – please don’t stop poo picking just because the clocks have gone back.  The worms are still about! 

On that note I will leave you to it and see you all next week.

 Bye for now.

 Abacus Equine Lab

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