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Saturday 28th May Blog

posted 28 May 2011, 12:39 by Abacus Equine Lab
Hi all.

This week has been the busiest I can ever remember at Ab-Lab.  We have visited so many yards, each with more than 20 horses, that I have lost count (ha ha! that joke didn’t go down well with the boss I can tell you!  Oops I think I have just opened a can of worms!)

The Boss is getting lots more requests to give presentations to riding clubs and livery yards.  Much to the annoyance of the support team I have bagged one in July which has promised a barbecue after the talk – an unexpected and lovely perk of the job.


After an amazingly busy week, today has been surreal.  In the middle of moving my two horses to a new yard (and you know what a walk in the park that is) one of our clients arrived at the old yard clutching a bag of poo wondering if I could do a fastball wormcount for him!  Naturally I did as the mobile lab was just round the corner (‘be prepared’ has been drummed into me since an early age!)  Another happy customer and a welcome break from the madness of moving.


Well, this is short and sweet this week as I am on the weekend roster and have to be up and out very early tomorrow to do a small yard before the final push to clear stables, field, feed room, hay shed – Oh my goodness and the rest of the country is having a Bank Holiday weekend!  But, you know, I wouldn’t swap this job for anything.  We simply love this business and our clients regularly tell us they think we’re slightly barmy  - getting as excited as we do about staring at poo all day - perhaps they are right!


Anyway, have a great holiday Monday, good luck if you are competing or perhaps you could use the time to go out and really clear your fields of those poos you missed last time???  There you go – slightly barmy!  See you next Saturday.


The Ab-Lab Team

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