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Saturday, 28 January 2012 Blog

posted 28 Jan 2012, 09:19 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

So here we are back to reality!  The good thing is that we had the most wonderful time skiing in Kitzbuhel, Austria, the bad think is that I now have no more holidays until January 2013!!!  Still, the job is a joy so everyday seems like a holiday (or so the Boss says)! 

We went to watch the famous Hanenkhamm downhill ski race.  There was so much snow that the Friday race was cancelled! The best bit was that on the Thursday we were able to watch the racers training and saw my hero Didier Cuche (who was the eventual winner) do his training run.  We started at the top of the hill and were about 10 meters from the start then skied down (a lot slower than them!!) and stood even closer to the finish line! As it was a training day no one was around either except the race connections! It was a bit like watching Badminton or Burghley with only about 20 people in the crowd!!! Even though the Friday race was cancelled the party in the evening wasn’t! We went down into the town and danced in the street to all the party music until 11 p.m. when suddenly it seemed like someone shouted “Bed time” as everyone just melted away.  Next day was even wilder though with 100,000 very good natured people descending on a town the size of one of our Northamptonshire villages!  We all had a wonderful day watching the hero of the mountain fly down an albeit shortened course but scary nonetheless. 

A real treat however, was that there was a round of the World Cup Snow Polo competition on at the same time.  Last year there was no snow for them to play on so they had a very wet penalty shootout between teams in slushy puddles. Not in the least bit glamorous! This year was so different as the snow was allegedly the best for decades. (Having been to Kitz every year for the past 26 years I can vouch for that). The ponies seemed to love the different play surface and the goals were coming thick and fast. It is a low goal game but that really didn’t matter because, as polo matches go, it was mental! You can’t believe it till you see it.  I remember going to watch some snow showjumping a few years ago at the same place and I thought that was mad but polo on snow?? Fab darling! 

Anyway, back to reality as I said.  We got back home at 12.30 last Sunday morning and silly me had booked in 5 wormcounts for later that morning.  Don’t know what I would have done had I tipped up on the slopes and injured myself (which is not entirely out of the question) however, I didn’t fall over once this year – “not trying hard enough” I hear you say?  Well don’t believe it – Kitzbuhel is no beginners resort but then I have been doing this daft sport for a very, very long time! 

I will try to keep to all things worm and horse related next week, I just thought you might like to hear what I have been up to – it all seems a really long time ago even though whilst writing this I am picturing what we were doing at this time last week – sitting in the airport at Salzburg waiting to come home! 

Bye for now  -  “Yodel eyhee tee!” 

The Ab-Lab Team

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