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Saturday 28 April Blog

posted 28 Apr 2012, 10:23 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All 

Ok, this week it’s all about the weather!  The only thing to say about it is “What the heck was that about?” 

I think we have had every type of weather in the space of a week!  I have been soaked through more times than I care to talk about, have driven through blazing sun, hail, rain and howling gales.  The best bit was driving past Rugby when a tornado passed by! Really and truly.  Thankfully I did not have the trailer with me that day or else I think I would have been doing a pretty good impression of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – without the singing! 

The important thing is that we managed to get to all our worm count appointments on time and even did some extras as word has spread about the mobile lab and when we arrive at a yard there are very often some samples from friends of the yard owner or neighbours who want to join in the fun! The more the merrier we say! 

Whilst quite a lot of fields are under water please don’t forget to get back into poo picking as soon as possible.  Remember – this is a very active time for our little worm friends and they won’t miss any opportunity to spread. 

Well I’m off to strip down the microscopes in preparation for tomorrow’s testing then it’s feet up in front of the telly waiting for the other half to come home from the Army vs Navy rugby match at Twickenham.  He too will probably be soaking wet – it runs in the family this week! 

Bye for now 

The Ab-Lab Team

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