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Saturday 26 Aug 2012 blog

posted 26 Aug 2012, 02:14 by Abacus Equine Lab
Hi All

Why is it that people are determined to break the law? Whether it is blatant and overconfident or insidious and sneaky, we are all falling foul of this growing menace! They can’t even really blame the economic downturn, because the rule-breakers that have annoyed me to the point of ranting to you this week are just plain “The law doesn’t apply to me” arrogant!

The week started with a near miss at a local roundabout with a lady pulling out in front of me when I had right of way.  I stopped (or I would have crashed into her!), waiting for the bump from behind which was only just averted by the nice chap in the Volvo who saw what had happened and slowed right down.  I beeped my horn and was treated to a tirade of abuse via the open side window and the inevitable raised middle finger.  Nice. Really good role model for your three kids which were in the car with you dear lady!

Things didn’t improve on Tuesday when I got to the yard to find that someone has helped themselves to 3 bales of hay from my stack. Of course nothing will be done about this sneaky person who has stolen from me because yes, it is theft, not just the “Oh well, it’s only hay” attitude that greets my moan about this to anyone who would listen for long enough!!  It might well only be hay, but it’s £6.50 a bale hay thanks to last year’s farmers who saw the chance of a quick buck at the horse owning community’s expense (does this ring true with you too?) To steal hay from another person on your yard is nasty, but hopefully they will trip up on their overconfidence and when they are found, will pay whatever price the justice system deems fit (that’s going to be worth it isn’t it!!!) – are you seeing a slight cynicism creeping in here?

The week ended with a bang. A client’s horse had a high worm count which needed wormer treatment. Being August and being on a programme which involves worm counting and target worming throughout the year, with Equest Pramox in winter for tapes, encysted red worms etc, I prescribed Strongid P, this being a broad spectrum wormer from a different chemical group to the one that she will be having in winter. Now I know that this horse is on this programme because I designed it for her! I also know that there is Ivermectin resistance in the area of the yard.  I know this because I have been treating this and other horses at the yard for many months in my capacity as prescribing SQP. The client went to her local tack shop (you know who you are!) to buy the prescribed wormer and was sold a completely inappropriate wormer for the time of year (a tape wormer with Ivermectin), for the horse, for the conditions, etc etc. I could also say that the wormer she was sold was much more expensive than the one prescribed but that may be erroneous. The Veterinary Medicines Directorate, which is the SQP governing body, clearly states that if a medicine is prescribed by one SQP and another SQP cannot fill that prescription they must contact the original prescriber to offer an alternative.  Well, I’m still waiting..... Once again, arrogant breaking of the law.

Call me old fashioned but I don’t remember ever having the cheek to act in the way that these people have acted this week. From petty theft to blatant egotistical behaviour the world is changing for the worse.  I know this may be me just having a bad week, and I truly hope next week is better and I’m proved wrong, but somehow I really don’t think so.

Bye for now

The Ab-Lab Team

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