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Saturday, 25th June Blog

posted 25 Jun 2011, 11:03 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All


I cannot believe that another week has passed but here we are again chatting about what has happened this week!


It has been yet another really busy one for Abacus.  We have carried out wormcounts at 14 yards since last Saturday and I am not sure of the exact number of horses but it is well over 300!  That is a lot of poo.  Interestingly the counts at some have increased since the last time we counted them three months ago.  This is probably down to the horses being out for longer each day therefore doing more poos in the fields.  Keeping up with the output can be very difficult and we have had to advise a lot of our customers on the value of poo picking every other day to catch the hatching eggs and larvae before they spread.


There is much excitement in the office as the July edition of Chiltern and Thames Rider magazine is due on the stands next Thursday.  Hopefully our article on mobile wormcounting with Abacus Equine Laboratory will be in there as we cannot wait to see how it came out.  We had such a good day at the stud in Bedfordshire and the staff from the magazine were so friendly they really put us at our ease.  Let’s hope it helps to spread the word of the good practice of using a wormcount as part of your targeted worming strategy and using the mobile wormcount company is an excellent choice!!


Have you all been enjoying the rain?  We have had so much here in Northamptonshire but as soon as it falls it disappears, the ground is still so hard!  The hay crop is looking a bit thin but at least there is some growing so hopefully we will have enough to see us through the winter! 


Well, I am off for now.  I have a day off tomorrow and I am going to spend it riding my horse, driving my pony then watching the Formula 1 European Grand Prix on the telly.  Bit of a petrol head on the quiet!


Bye for now.


The Ab-Lab Team

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