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Saturday, 24 September Blog

posted 24 Sept 2011, 11:19 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

An unusual week this one!  Busy as ever with both the labs out every day with wormcount and pinworm tests at both large and small yards.  The lovely thing is that we have had a lot of referrals this week too from satisfied customers telling their friends about our services.  We believe that this is the very best way to grow as good feedback is the backbone of every business.

Unfortunately my poor horse has suffered a slight setback which has taken the edge off an otherwise great week.   He has had so many blood and urine tests this week he is resembling a pin cushion and is eyeing the Vet and me with increasing suspicion each day!  No conclusive results have come back as yet.  I have even done another wormcount on him! He is always fewer than 50 epg but I had to know!  He is just very very lethargic.  He has not had any more episodes of the terrible cystitis which is a minor miracle in itself but something is really not right. My Vet, who is brilliant, is also stuck so we are just giving him Echinacea and lots of TLC and keeping a very close eye on his water intake and output. 

Back to the wormcount business and we have had quite a lot of clients wondering what they should do about worming if they have a moderate to high wormcount at this time of year.  Clearly we ideally want to get people onto a three wormcount and one dual wormer protocol and we recommend that they use either Equest Pramox or Panacur Equine Guard 5 day depending on circumstances.  The problem occurs if they need to worm now.  In general we are advising that they use Equest now and Equitape later in December.  The later the better for tapeworming.  Of course there is a very good argument for tapeworming in Spring and Autumn and if the customer wants to do that then we will support that too.  At the end of the day we can only advise based on years of experience and up to date professional development.  We keep up with all the latest research and pass this on to our clients however, the final decision rests with the horse owner and we respect that totally.  Difficult sometimes but if you follow BVA guidelines you can’t go far wrong! 

Well, lets hope that next week is a bit less eventful than this week!  Have a good week yourselves and watch out for those late Autumn grass surges.  This latest warm, damp weather is wonderful not only for our little parasitic friends but also for grass re-growth.  There is a lot of laminitis about this year too – just another thing to catch us out. 

Bye for now 

Abacus Equine Lab

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