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Saturday, 23rd July Blog

posted 23 Jul 2011, 11:20 by Abacus Equine Lab



Well, this has to be the busiest week we have ever had!  So much for my weekend off last week.  It started well enough but then the rain really came down and it poured into the hay barn leaving my lovely old hay standing in four inches of water! That was Sunday taken care of, moving 60 bales from one side of the barn to the other which is slightly higher.


Monday saw the introduction of our brand new service.  We now offer on-site practical pinworm tests.  There has been an amazing uptake and we are able to offer our usual SQP advice on how to deal with the little devils when you have them!  There are a huge number of horses and ponies with scrubbed tails which hopefully will find some relief now that their owners know how to deal with the problem.


I re-visited a yard for some reduction tests and met a lovely lady who has a horse that has always got colic immediately after being wormed.  Unfortunately he had a high wormcount and so I had to be really careful what I prescribed.  On re-testing him this week not only had the count gone down to fewer than 50 epg but – hooray – no colic!  You can imagine how joyful the lady felt, in fact she was almost in tears when I told her the result!  It meant a lot to have such a grateful owner express her thanks for being given sound SQP advice and being ‘hand-held’ through the worming procedure.


More reduction tests and pinworm test later in the week brought some interesting results but best of all was today.  We went to a new yard of 53 horses and worm counted them all, plus some pinworm tests.  The owners had previously used interval worming with the occasional postal wormcount but had found the whole thing time consuming and the results a bit vague.  They seemed really pleased with the service and have asked us back in three months to re-test the yard. 


Well that’s all for now.  Hope tomorrow keeps fine as I am finally able to ride my big horse after his accident and urinary infection.  He has been a real trouper about being poorly and has only bitten me twice so I have escaped lightly too!  I think tomorrow he will be quite bouncy.  I hope he doesn’t mind the big round bales of hay that have finally appeared in the fields on the farm where he lives – he will probably think they are alien spacecraft!  Don’t forget to keep an eye on your horse’s tail end.  If he or she is itching a lot it could be midges but it could also be pinworms.  If you live in Northampton give us a call and I can come out and test for you.


Bye for now.


The Ab-Lab Team

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