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Saturday, 22 October Blog

posted 22 Oct 2011, 11:24 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

Well, here we are in mid October and we are still going out to visit yards! The wormcount process rolls on in Northamptonshire! Both labs are busy every day and we have bookings well into November.  A huge thank you to all our loyal clients and a big ‘hello’ to all our new friends.

Today I did the final wormcount of the year for one of our large yards.  We started out with them back in the spring when we were getting counts of 1000 plus epg for most of the 55 horses.  Today we only had two over 350 epg.  A great result for targeted worming, sound SQP advice, and for their poo picking discipline.  We are starting again for them in May 2012 after their winter dual worming and a short period of wormer-free time.

Those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter will, I am sure, be aware that my beautiful chestnut gelding, Eric, has been in ‘horsepital’ all this week.  He has been to the amazing Rossdale’s Equine Hospital in Newmarket and is home now.  You can read all about his trials and tribulations on He has to go back on 15th November and that will be crunch time for him as we will then know if all the chemical therapy has worked.  Keep fingers, eyes, toes and everything else crossed for him as he really is a lovely chap.

Anyway, just because it is October, please don’t forget to keep poo picking. This unseasonably warm weather is delightful for us all, especially for our little parasite friends who are enjoying their elongated lifespan in the sun and are therefore still very dangerous!

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