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Saturday 20th August Blog

posted 20 Aug 2011, 12:52 by Abacus Equine Lab   [ updated 20 Aug 2011, 12:59 ]

Hi All

Well, it's 8 o’clock on Saturday evening and I have just this minute finished reporting on all the wormcounts for the day.  It has been an extremely busy Saturday! Two large yards and 79 horses!  Thankfully there were two of us but even so I still think I will be doing a wormcount  in my sleep tonight!

Both yards were having their third visit of the year from us and  it is so pleasing to know that their wormcount results. guided by our ongoing SQP advice,  have steadily reduced each time. 

 The rest of the week has not been any less busy.  I think everyone has come back from their holidays and has suddenly thought “Wormcount”! But hasn’t the weather been odd!  Sunny and hot one minute and rain of biblical proportions the next!  I even had to put a rug on my old pony this week as he got so wet in the field that he was shivering by the time he got up to his stable.  Bless him, he was dripping and he has a field shelter in his field too!  He simply prefers the grass to the shelter. What can you say? (“Get in the field shelter” probably!)

 Tomorrow we are taking the mobile lab to the Glebe Farm Equestrian Centre annual summer show, so preparations are going on into the night!  This is a big show with dressage, showing, jumping classes and a dog show and gymkhana.  Competitors will also be able to have their wormcount done whilst they compete, with the results available immediately and SQP advice if needed.  If you are going along we will be situated in the trailer/lorry park (where the poo is!) so come along and talk to us.  If you don’t want your horses’ wormcount done on the day you can make an appointment for one of the team to come out to your yard. Many show organisers are now asking us to bring the mobile lab as they see this as an added feature for their schedules. 

We are, however, taking half an hour off for a staff outing to go and watch the Northampton Balloon Festival’s evening glow.  This is when about 25 hot air balloons take off and rise to about 100 feet above the ground (they are tethered) and then they set off their flames so that the balloon canopies glow in the sky.  It is a most magical sight as evening descends.  I hope it is not going to be too windy as they will not be able to set off.  The past two years have seen bad weather so they have set up their burners on the ground and done a display to music which has also been very dramatic but we all really want to see the balloons!

 ‘bye for now, and have a good week.

 The Ab-Lab Team

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