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Saturday, 19th May Blog

posted 19 May 2012, 09:41 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

What a mad week! On Thursday we had our single busiest day for one worm count lab in that they visited three yards and tested 120 horses! They started at 7 am and did not get home until 8 pm.  I’m not sure if the timesheets reflected the half hour Pub lunch stop but they thoroughly deserved it! 

The total eggs found for the day was a staggering 37,750! No wonder they were a bit bleary eyed.  Some really high counts pushed the tally up though as there were a lot of fewer than 50 epg results too.  These, encouragingly, were from our older yards. Yards who are on their fifth or sixth worm count with Abacus proving not only that worm counting really works, but that it is a really easy procedure with us.

These larger yards really feel the benefit of not having to do much in order to have a yard count done.  All they need to do is ensure that two or three balls of poo from the freshest dropping in the stable (or field) are put into a bag which has the horse’s name on it.  We do the rest and supply the yard owner or individual liveries with their result and plan at the end of the test. Nice. 

Whereas it is lovely to work on big yards, this week we are doing a lot of smaller, often one or two - horse yards.  There is more travelling involved for sure but as Northampton is such a beautiful county, that is hardly a disadvantage!  It really is a wonderful way to earn a crust. So wonderful in fact that we have had several letters and emails asking if we are taking on any extra staff and some from people who want to start their own businesses run on the same lines as us.  We tell them that they must be totally mad and to think very seriously before embarking on it as it is not a 9 – 5 job by any stretch. We are fully staffed for the moment with a fantastic team of truly talented analysts who have been working with horse poo for many, many years! It’s a strange thing to have on your CV but it’s what we look for!  

Well, that’s all for this time.  Please remind me next week to tell you all about the Olympics and our involvement in them! 

Bye for now

 The Ab-Lab Team

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