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Saturday, 18 June Blog

posted 18 Jun 2011, 10:34 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi  All

Well, I was right! The mobile wormcount show unit was out at Glebe Farm dressage competition last Sunday and boy was it wet!  So wet and windy in fact that we didn’t risk the tent but took the trailer instead.  A good move as it turned out as we managed to remain relatively dry but the poor competitors looked battered by 30 mph winds!  I take my hat off to them for doing dressage tests in ‘inclement’ weather – I wouldn’t.  I must say that the surface was excellent though and all the horses went really well – perhaps I should pick bad weather after all – it may get me a few extra marks and my boy’s head carriage may improve with the help of a few gallons of rain!


The purpose of attending these shows is to spread the word of wormcounting and targeted worming using our Mobile Lab, whether at the show or at the competitor’s yard. The ‘Count While You Compete’ service means the riders bring us their large samples of fresh poo (often done in the trailer on the way to the show) when they arrive on the showground. They go and compete and then collect their wormcount results after their class – simples. This week not only did we do a lot of testing on the day but we took several bookings for visits to local (and not so local) yards so it was really worth the effort and the word is indeed spreading!


The rest of the week has been very varied. We have been to lots of new yards and have met some lovely new people and horses but what The Boss is particularly pleased about is the number of repeat bookings we are getting.  She says that this is the test of whether or not our business is working – if we are not asked back to do further wormcounts at yards throughout the year then we are doing something wrong.  Well we seem to be doing something right judging by the amount of repeat visits we are making at three monthly intervals. Great news for the horses who are not being pumped full of unnecessary chemicals.


That’s it for this week then. I hope you have fun in the rain – but think of the grass and the hay – it will all be worth it in the end!


Bye for now.


The Ab-Lab Team

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