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Saturday, 17th September Blog

posted 17 Sept 2011, 06:41 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All 

Brrr! It has turned quite cold today and one minute it is raining, the next it is sunny but what a strange week for weather! Since last Sunday I have done a wormcount in a howling gale, in bleaching rain, in pea soup fog and in blistering sunshine. Mother Nature is really testing us this week!  I know you poor people up North have had it so much worse than us soft Midlanders (I live here now but still consider myself a Northerner at heart coming originally from Newcastle upon Tyne) but we really have had all the seasons in one week here! 

Both mobile labs have been out every day and the wormcount tally competition between us continues!  It all depends on how nice we are to Lynn in the office as to how many tests we get each day as she is in charge of operations and does a great job (extra points for me I think!)  

This week I have seen just about every make and shape of horse (from Grand Prix dressage horses to Shetland ponies) and practically every worm or larva in the parasite repertoire!  Must be the damp weather bringing them out (the worms not the horses).  The Bots are around as well so keep scraping those little yellow eggs off. 

Today sees the start of a run of really large yards to wormcount.  We had a 25-horse yard today and have two 50-plus yards in the next few days.  Quite a challenge but we are certainly up for it!  Anyway, must go now and check the horses are OK before settling down to supper and X-Factor.  I am so sad but hey ho! 

Bye for now. 

The Ab-Lab Team

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