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Saturday 17 March - St Patrick's Day Blog!

posted 19 Mar 2012, 14:16 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

What a brilliant week! We have been so busy in the Lab with calls from our lovely existing clients booking extra horses in and new yards coming on board by the handful! 

This means more travelling around this beautiful county to meet new friends and being introduced to their lovely horses. Of course, what goes with it is more heaps of poo to test but then that is what it is all about isn’t it? 

The week brought some really special and exciting news for me.  Months ago my daughter and I applied to be Gamesmakers at the Olympics.  We hoped to do something in the horse events.  We finally got the email we have been longing for this week.  We were both offered jobs working at the 3 Day Event!!!  We are so excited we cannot stop smiling!  To be part of such a spectacle is something that will stay with us forever.  The other good thing is it has taken the smug smile off the other half’s face as he was picked to be a Gamesmaker on the equestrian team in  December! – Ha! 

Well, the nights are finally  drawing out which means more time for riding in the evenings.  It also means there is more time for poo picking too.  Please ensure that you do this unpopular job as often as possible.  The recommended frequency is every other day as worm eggs take around 48 hours to hatch in this temperature, potentially spreading millions of larvae into your horse’s field.  Of course if you can do it every day then so much the better but definitely more than once a week!  Here’s something to tell your friends in the tack room over a coffee: In a heavily infested field, the worms could actually weigh more than the horse grazing on them!! 

Makes you think doesn’t it! 

Bye for now 

The Ab-Lab Team

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