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Saturday, 16 July Blog

posted 16 Jul 2011, 04:59 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

Just a short chat this week as I am officially having a whole weekend off!  As I tweeted this morning, the first since February.  I am not complaining though as I completely love this wormcounting  job and would not rather be doing anything else (sad?) but it is nice to have two whole days to myself.  The tragedy is that both horses are off the road at the same time!  Both got savaged in the field by their third ‘field mate’ who decided that three was definitely a crowd.  My little pony is off his driving for a month with a bruised back and my big boy came down with a urinary tract infection.  Unusual in geldings I know but the Vet thinks it is either stress related to the attack or damaged kidneys.  Either way he is feeling very sorry for himself.  I do have some idea what he is going through and can only sympathise and keep feeding him cranberry juice for which he has developed a passion!


On the work front this week we have had some very varied wormcount results.  One or two yards being really low to the point of having not a single egg visible in their samples, but one yard gave us cause for concern.  There were 23 horses and ponies, all belonging to liveries and all on a regular worming regime.  They were last wormed with Ivermectin in late April and every one had a count of well over 1500 epg, some over 3000!  The poo picking was good and they had all had their horses weighed recently so knew how much wormer to give them.  A little worrying - could this be a localized resistance to Ivermectin? They were all given a worming plan to suit their particular horses (some were in foal), changing the active ingredient group in each case, and will all have faecal egg reduction tests done in three weeks time.  Watch this space for the results.


Well, as there is no Grand Prix to watch on TV this weekend I suppose I should go back to the yard and bring the boys in as the rain has been torrential this morning.  On the Vet’s advice they are both out but have rugs on and a field shelter to hide in so they won’t have had much grass and will have to make a dash for the stables from the field – they don’t do rain these two!  The farmer has finally got round to cutting some of the hay, just in time to leave it standing in bales in the field in the rain! Great.


I hope you have a good week and you don’t get too wet.  Keep your fingers crossed for full recoveries for my two and don’t forget to keep poo picking, even in the rain, the worms just love these warm, wet conditions!


Bye for now.


The Ab-Lab Team

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