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Saturday, 13 November Blog

posted 13 Nov 2011, 10:47 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

It has been another busy wormcount week for Abacus Laboratory. The core business is settling  down a bit now with most of our clients having had their final wormcount for the year and are waiting to winter worm in late November to early December.  Most are using either Equest Pramox or Panacur Equine Guard 5 day for those encysted redworms, tapeworms, and all the other nasties. Equest Pramox even kills bot larvae so that is a big plus however, not all horses are able to use this wormer.  It is very effective but also very strong so not to be used on pregnant or lactating mares and foals under 6.5 months.  Panacur is a good alternative however, with the known and growing resistance to Fenbendazole (which is the active ingredient for Panacur), care must be taken when using this product.  If a horse has had a moderate to high wormcount result and is subsequently wormed with Panacur, we always recommend a Faecal Egg Reduction Test is carried out two to three weeks after worming, just to check that it has done its job. 

We are still working hard for our Veterinary practice clients though who require a wormcount as an aid to their diagnosis of all sorts of problems.  Horses and ponies that are not thriving have a wormcount done to identify if there is a parasite problem and with our super fast, same day result service, this is a boon to modern diagnostics.  We are delighted to offer this service to busy Vets who do not wish to tie up their own valuable staff and resources on this specialist task. 

Now that autumn is here Riding Clubs and Pony Clubs are looking for inspiration for entertaining their members over the coming cold months.  We are lucky enough to have been included in several Clubs’ lecture programs and so I have been sharpening up my lecturing skills!  We have given many talks at livery yards over the year, followed by a wormcount for those who want it, so this will probably be the format for our winter sessions too.  It will be nice to wormcount in the warm, dry environment of a club house however; we have had some wonderful afternoons spent wormcounting then staying for a delicious barbecue courtesy of our lovely yard owner clients.  Either way everyone has fun and we impart some serious SQP advice and information, sometimes turning a few stomachs with our rogue’s gallery of worm pictures etc! 

Well, enjoy this lovely warm weather while you can as it looks like things are changing towards the end of the week (if you can believe the weather forecasts!) and I will speak to you again next Saturday. 

By for now 

The Ab-Lab Team

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