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Saturday, 10 September, 2011

posted 11 Sept 2011, 03:12 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

I am writing this having just done the last wormcount results. Am just about to watch the Monza F1 Qualifying competition whilst keeping an eye on the Blenheim results (“come on Pippa!”)  Watched the England rugby team scrape through their first game this morning and am rooting for David Walliams on his Thames swimming marathon.  What a weekend of wonderful sport.  I have applied for tickets for the Paralympics dressage freestyle day but don’t hold out any hope of getting them!  Still, we have not given up hope of being selected to volunteer at the Olympic Eventing competition at Greenwich – October they said, and having been through the rigorous selection process, it can’t come quickly enough!  If that is what we volunteers had to go through, I can just about imagine what the competitors are feeling like!!! 

On the work front the week has been busy, busy, busy. We thought that things would be quietening down a bit on the faecal egg count front by now but clients just keep coming on board and want their last wormcount of the year dine before dual worming in December.  But with two Labs to keep on the road we are delighted!  By the way, keep the ideas for naming the Labs coming in, we will announce the winner soon. 

The dreaded Bot fly has been making its unwelcome presence felt in Northamptonshire this week.  One chased my poor horse round and round his field yesterday whilst I was poo picking, he eventually came and hid behind me!  Must use Equest Pramox in December to ensure we kill any larvae that have got through the scrupulous egg removal regime! 

Well, that is all for now, watch out for those little yellow eggs on your horse’s legs and belly.  

Bye for now.

The Ab-Lab Team

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