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Saturday, 10 November 2012

posted 11 Nov 2012, 09:01 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

Just when we thought things would be slowing down a bit – they haven’t!  In fact, October was the busiest month on record for us.  I suppose, having the postal service to work with as well as the usual mobile labs work has made things a bit hectic but really exciting too.

We are seeing so many different animals to worm count too.  Not just in the post but on site as well.  In fact it has been extremely seasonal round here over the past week or so as we have had to visit some reindeer, some sheep and – yes, you guessed, some donkeys! I will put some pictures on facebook for you to enjoy at don’t seem to be able to post pictures here on the blog for some reason.  I will have to speak to the Techie guys to find out why – or if you have any ideas perhaps you could email me at!

Speaking of seasonal, just a quick message here to let you know that we will be open for business as usual over the Christmas period.  We have Christmas day and New Year’s day off but will be counting away on every other day so don’t worry if you need your dog testing or your tortoise – Abacus Equine Laboratory and Wormcount Dotcom are here for you.

I don’t know if you have noticed but we have had a bumper year for pinworms this year but more recently there have been a lot of ascarids showing up in horses that really shouldn’t have them i.e. middle aged horses.  Of course, we are able to tell this because we take a detailed history of every animal we test including age, sex and worming history.  We don’t just look at a piece of poo and give you an egg score like most other labs out there, we analyse the sample and give you a breakdown of everything we find and what you should do about it.  A lovely client of ours came up with an interesting analogy the other day.  She said the difference between Abacus Equine Lab and most others is the same as the difference between a riding instructor and a riding teacher!  The instructor tells you what’s wrong but the teacher tells you what to do about it!!

Abacus (and Wormcount Dotcom) not only tell you what is in the poo but also what it means to you and your horse (or any other animal for that matter) and what you need to do about it.  Informed information taken from the detailed history is much better value than a straight forward worm count don’t you think?

Anyway, I digress, back to the pinworms and ascarids! We are working with the Royal Veterinary College on this one and should have some very interesting information for you in the early New Year so watch this space.

Well, that’s all for this week.  Until next time – oh and don’t forget to look at the photos on facebook!

Bye for now

The Ab-Lab Team

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