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Saturday, 09 July Blog

posted 9 Jul 2011, 14:31 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

I am writing this in the office in blazing sunshine and it is 7.30 p.m!  This is the first sunshine I have seen for days and I am indoors!  We have been so busy this week though that we haven’t really had time to notice the weather. 


I am honestly delighted at the amount of people using Abacus for their wormcounts in Northamptonshire now.  The Boss brings in two or three new yards every day, some of which are huge!  It seems that everyone has heard about us and wants to try us out.  The great thing is that they then seem to stay once they have tried the ‘Abacus Experience’!


I had a great treat last night.  I had to go and give a talk at a livery yard’s annual barbecue.  I did ask if a talk on wormcounting would go down well at a barbecue, especially with our grizzly photos of worms, but everyone seemed to think it would be fine so off I went!  The yard owners were really lovely and totally up for moving over to wormcounting.  The liveries were interested in finding out how Abacus was different from any others they had used before and the 10 minute talk to about 20 people that I had been told to prepare turned into an hour talk and question session for 50! The questions were quite testing but fortunately, as I am a bit of a Geek when it comes to wormcounts, I was able to answer them! What a lovely time and a yummy barbecue afterwards!  Thank you Dianna and George – you have some lovely (and very intelligent) liveries!!! 


Tomorrow at 9 a.m. I am off to count at another new yard of 45 horses.  These are a mixture of liveries and driving horses (right up my street as I have a driving pony too) who have used another  wormcount company before so hopefully we should have some nice low counts.  There have however, been some really high counts returned this week.  A lot have been conscientiously wormed too.  On reading our risk assessment information which we take for each horse prior to counting, it has turned out that a lot of the high counts are returned from horses which have been under-wormed for their size.  Equest seems to be the favoured wormer and we think that as the maximum dose for one tube of Equest is for a 575 kg horse, many people are underestimating the weight of their horse or just ‘bunging in’ one tube for a big horse.  We have done a lot of weight calculations for people this week using the ‘heart room x 2 x length divided by 11877’ calculation.  It has been surprising for a lot of people just how wrong their weight tape (or their estimation) has been!!!  Up to 50 kg under in many cases.  That is the value of having an SQP on site to advise at the time of wormcounting! 


Anyway, that is all for now.  I am off to watch the magic show on TV.  Have a great week and why don’t you try estimating the weight of your horse then doing the calculation above to see how accurate you are.  There is nothing magic about the calculation – it really works!!


Bye for now.


The Ab-Lab Team

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