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Saturday, 08 October Blog

posted 8 Oct 2011, 10:09 by Abacus Equine Lab


We have been carrying out wormcounts for our own and friends’ horses for over ten years.  Early this year, when we had the idea to start up our wormcount company bringing a unique service to the horse-owning population of Northamptonshire and surrounding counties, we hoped that we would be able to visit a few yards and convert several friends and acquaintances to the ‘Abacus’ way.  We never thought that, less than nine months after our first professional wormcount, we would have over 1000 horses on our books! 

We are so extremely grateful to all our loyal friends (because they start out as clients but very quickly become friends) for taking the plunge and giving us the chance to bring our novel idea onto their yards and test their horses’ poo in front of their eyes!  But the idea has really taken off and we are delighted to say that we are making a real difference to the way they approach parasite control for their beloved animals. We have seen some really scary sights down our microscope lenses but we are able to sort out most problems in a very short time.  We are very conscious that some horses are not of such robust health or are under medication and so we always involve our local Vets when we have a complicated prescription.  We are very lucky to have a great working relationship with these professionals and they are happy to talk over our recommendations and agree a course of action with the owners.

 Today we visited a yard of over 40 horses for the second time this year.  First time round we saw most wormcounts of well over 3000.  We made recommendations, carried out faecal egg reductions tests and arranged to wormcount again in October.  Today we had almost all horses with fewer than 200 epg with well over three quarters with fewer than 50 epg!  Only two had moderate counts of 700 and we have decided that they possibly have worms resistant to Fenbendazole as that was what they were wormed with three months ago before they came to this yard.

We thought that, come October, things would be winding down a bit.  Not on your life!  We are still taking bookings into November and happily, our next year’s diary is filling up for Spring counts. 

Thank you everyone for going with the ‘Abacus way’.  You have something unique on your door steps and we thank you for trusting us with your beautiful horses and ponies. 

Bye for now


Abacus Equine Lab

“We count at your yard”