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Saturday, 07 January 2012 Blog

posted 8 Jan 2012, 10:22 by Abacus Equine Lab   [ updated 9 Jan 2012, 10:36 ]

Hi All

I’m feeling very decadent this evening! I am sitting writing to you about wormcounts whilst sipping a cold glass of Sancerre (a Christmas present from a lovely client) and eating a plate of water biccies and blue stilton cheese - the remnants of Christmas past (I cleaned out the fridge today and found these treasures at the back behind the tub of Flora). 

It has been a wonderful first nine months for Abacus Equine Lab and we are so far ahead of our projected targets that we still cannot believe it.  We had hoped to have taken on a second Lab by March 2012 (the official start of year two) but actually we set up our second Lab last Summer and both have been really busy ever since.  In fact, we were completely sure that we would have closed down from November to March.  This is why I booked our holidays for now! 10 days in Egypt in November and a week in Kitzbuhel skiing in January.  The thinking behind that little lot being that the other half is working at the Olympics on the anti-doping team and we would be completely snowed under with wormcounts in the summer so no chance of getting away anywhere until next November!  I seriously underestimated our wonderful clients and their loyalty!  We are still busy today with lots of work for our Vet friends and so many yards wanting resistance screening!  Still, just one more week then “Slopes, here we come!” 

This therefore is the last blog for a couple of weeks but I promise I will fill you in on all the gossip from Austria when I get back.  Meanwhile, please keep vigilant with your poo picking.  This incredibly mild weather is just what our wormy friends need to wake up and wreak havoc on your horses!  Poo pick at least every other day and make sure you get all the droppings from each pile as each worm can lay up to 10,000 eggs a day! A sobering thought, even after my glass of Sancerre! 

Bye for now and until the 28th January, “Yodellehee tee!” 

The Ab-Lab Team

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