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Saturday, 03 March Blog

posted 10 Mar 2012, 06:03 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All 

Spring seems to have come to Northampton and with it the resurgence of 7 day wormcounting working weeks!  I had forgotten what it is like to be really, really tired at the end of the day having had some relatively shorter working weeks over the winter!  But I soon got back into the swing of it and am loving it all over again! 

I was standing in one of our lovely customers’ kitchen on Monday, quietly worm counting her 20 horse livery yard.  I happened to look up through the window and was immediately struck with the beauty of the scene.  In the foreground was her pretty yard with its newly surfaced school, chickens scratching around and ponies grazing in the sunshine.  There is nothing unusual in this as this is where I spend most of my days - in people’s yards! But it was the distant view that really took my breath away.  Rolling Northamptonshire hills, sheep and cattle grazing and the river Nene winding its way through it all.  This is the view from my ‘office window’ and it changes every day.  How lucky am I? 

Mind you, it is not always as idyllic. On Thursday I was standing in a lean-to shed, howling gale and horizontal rain going on outside (and through the lean-to) and it was a challenge to keep everything from blowing away!  Thanks to the ingenuity of the owner who placed herself between me and the wind, stability was restored and wormcounts were achieved! A really good sense of humour is required some days – thankfully something with which I am blessed! 

This weekend is incredibly busy.  We have just come in from wormcounting at a 30 horse riding school and livery yard and tomorrow we have a 50 horse yard to test.  That is a lot of poo, especially with the amount we use for each sample.  We take at least 10 balls and take a pinch from each ball so that we get a great cross section of the dropping, something that we were advised to do by the Royal Veterinary College over a year ago and which we have adhere to ever since. 

Well, I’m just off to see my little pony who is enjoying his time out in the field without his grazing mask before he is incarcerated like Hannibal Lecter behind the dreaded thing for the remainder of the year! It’s either that or laminitis so “live with it little fellow!”

Bye for now

 The Ab-Lab Team

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