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Saturday, 02 October Blog

posted 2 Oct 2011, 11:38 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi Guys

So sorry I am a day late with the blog this week but this has been a bit of a weekend!  My other half went totally mad and completed a 10 Kilometer run today – on the hottest October day ever!  I was so proud to be standing on the finishing line cheering him on and he finished in a very respectable time (I will not embarrass him by telling you what it was)! He raised a good deal for charity too so it was brilliant all round. But yesterday, when I would normally have written this, I was busy getting him ready and also looking after my poor horse who has had another dose of his horrid cystitis.  I think it is just too hot for him and he is getting dehydrated although he is drinking in the field and the stable – puzzled Vet, puzzled owner, puzzled everyone!  Therefore, the blog was late.

I have been too busy to even think this week.  I had a lovely result at one client’s livery yard.  They have 43 horses and when I first did the first wormcount for them in March, they were all in the high hundreds, some in the thousands.  We wrote a very detailed worming plan for them, worming each according to its wormcount, age, sex (two were pregnant) and worming history.  Their next wormcount was in June (though we did some faecal egg reduction tests on the really high ones) and they were all in the low end of moderate to low.  This time, the whole yard had fewer than 50 epg! What a great result and as this year was the first time they had ever used a wormcount (they had previously wormed!!) they were delighted and are converted. Nice.

Well, this mad weather is playing havoc with our results. Tapeworm eggs have all but disappeared off the radar but strongyles are definitely on the increase in some areas.  My theory is that people are just not used to having to poo pick quite as often, this late in the year as they are often up to their ears in mud by now and not able to get into the fields, so are letting it slip a bit, much to the joy of the little parasites who are loving the warm spell. Well, it’s a theory! Perhaps you know different – answers on a postcard please! (Joking - honestly).

Bye for now

Abacus Equine Lab

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