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Monday 26 March 2012 Blog

posted 26 Mar 2012, 12:00 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

Ok Mother Nature.  You have done a wonderful job on the Spring-like weather you have given us here in Northampton.  Temperatures in the high teens for most of the week and wall to wall sunshine.  The trouble is, we need some of the lovely rain our friends in the North have been soaked in since Christmas!  The reservoir here in Northampton is so low it looks like the Sahara round the edges!  The fields are parched already and it’s only March!  I think a little rain dance is required.  The good thing is that it may help to keep the worms at bay for a little while longer. 

That said, I have seen some remarkably high worm counts this week considering a lot of people wormed their horses in December with Equest Pramox.  I have spent a long time at several yards this week going through the poo picking and worming procedures, putting the weigh tape on several horses and surprising quite a few owner who thought that they were giving their horse enough wormer! 

Yesterday was a brilliant day for us.  I was asked to a local riding club’s orienteering bridleways ride to do some worm counting.  The idea was that they arrived at the start point with their horse and a fresh bag of poo.  They went off for a 10 mile hack following clues and finding hidden markers etc.  When they got back there were prizes and a delicious tea (we were invited to tuck in to the home made cup cakes and they were superb)!  We had the worm count results waiting for them on their return with any follow up advice that they required.  A great idea, a fun day and educational too! We are always up for novel ways to spread the worm counting word. 

Well, I am off now to put my feet up and watch Corrie.  It’s my 24th wedding anniversary today and my dear other half is on a course in Cambridge.  He is staying in one of the oldest colleges and this evening he called me to say “sorry, can’t stay long but we are off punting on the Cam!” Now that’s not a sentence you hear every day!  Hey ho, roll on Corrie!

Bye for now


The Ab-Lab Team

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