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Guy Fawkes Day Blog!

posted 5 Nov 2011, 06:27 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

This has been the week for receiving tickets for things!  We got our Your Horse Live tickets on Monday, I heard that I have been successful in my request for some tickets for the Paralympic dressage (I bid for the Freestyle but heaven knows what we will get!) and then we got notification that we have tickets for the BETA International trade fair next February!  We are going to be so busy we will have to work overtime – honestly!! Especially as the requests for a wormcount are still pouring it.

The amount of tapeworm segments I have seen this week is incredible, more than we have seen all season, but then it is the right time of the year for them to emerge – so get busy buying your praziquantal based wormers – you are going to need them.  Of course, to be sure of your horse’s tapeworm burden you should not rely on a wormcount alone as it is really only by chance that we see them.  If you are worried, then have an ELISA blood test done by your Vet, then have another done in about six months time.  Compare the two results then have a further one done six months later.  You will be able to see if there is a trend developing which will show you more accurately what your horse’s tapeworm burden is likely to be.  It is a slow process and you should not take one result in isolation as the test shows how much antibody your horse has produced to fight the invasion, but is only really a ‘snap shot’.  It also only shows whether it is low, medium or high, not how many worms are inthere. Your Vet will be able to talk you through the procedure and the results.  Some people have them done every year as part of their horse’s health plan, some never bother.  It is really a matter for you and your Vet however, we will be happy to discuss the benefits, pros and cons of the test, just drop us an email or call for free advice. 

Have a great week and I fervently hope that no one has any problems with firework displays near horses this year. Dogs and cats are not the only ones scared witless by the bangs and flashes and please spare a thought for all the wildlife who are totally baffled by the goings on!


Abacus Equine Lab

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