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April Fool's Day Blog

posted 1 Apr 2012, 11:04 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

The week that has just passed has been one of the most fascinating that I can ever remember!  Not only have we been rushed of our feet with clients calling us day and night requesting worm counts for new horses coming into their yards or poorly looking horses that need worms to be ruled out before they call the vet, but also we have had lots of new and existing clients’ yards to visit for routine Spring worm counts too. 

The days are just not long enough, even with the extra working hour that GMT has given us.  I am regularly working in the lab till after 9 at night having started on the road at 7.30 am to be at a distant yard by 8.30!  My poor little pony is a bit fed up with being given his breakfast before 7 am! A bit too early for his elderly tastes.  

But what high worm counts we have been seeing!  Some in the high thousands even though they have supposedly been wormed with Equest Pramox or Panacur Guard as a Winter wormer.  We are finding underworming to be a real issue and are now offering weigh tape sessions and have teamed up with a local feed merchant who has a weigh bridge to offer weigh and wormcount days. These are proving very popular but are, it has to be said, a bit time consuming as it ties us up for a whole day but if it means that the client is getting the right advice then it has to be worth it. 

I seem to have spent my life in Cambridge this week.  I attended a CPD conference run by AMTRA and Bayer on Tuesday and I have to say it was really good.  We had a lovely lunch followed by a 2 hour session on the science of selling (not something we seem to have too much problem with at the moment but you can always learn from the experts). Then we had a lecture on pet worming which was interesting even though it was not totally pertinent to us at Abacus but useful for my own dogs.  I then had to go to pick up my other half who had finished his course (and punting excursion) in Cambridge centre.  My sat nav insisted on trying to take me down all the streets that had the rising bollards fitted and as I did not fancy being propelled into outer space in a Suzuki Alto, I had to find alternative roads much to the annoyance of Jane the sat nav lady who was getting progressively more agitated the more times we crossed the river!  I eventually found hubby and we returned home via one late worm count on the way back! Nothing if not conscientious that’s me. I am back again in Cambridge on Monday for some out of area testing!!!

Saturday brought me heading East again to an equine hospital to sort out an old horse of ours who had a nasty problem with a tumour.  We did not think we would be bringing him home with us but he was not ready to give up just yet and fooled us by springing back into the trailer and barging out at the other end with a snort as if to say “you’re not getting rid of me that easily!”  Great news and a lovely end to the mad week.  Well, hopefully next week will be a little quieter though I would not bet on it.  Have a good one yourself and keep up with the poo picking, especially as it is going to rain this week – worms just love warm, damp weather!

Bye for now

The Ab-Lab Team

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