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29 July 2012, Blog

posted 29 Jul 2012, 06:35 by Abacus Equine Lab   [ updated 29 Jul 2012, 06:36 ]

Hi All

Oh my goodness! We have been to Greenwich Park twice now for training for the Olympic Eventing cross country day! I am writing this whilst watching poor Tina Cook swimming her way through the dressage.  Poor old Miners Frolic looks less than impressed but what a wonderful test he produced for her!  Thank you Henry (stable name!!) 

As I said, we have been to two training days, have walked the course twice (it’s huge!) and have been given our crossing point to patrol.  We are at a really tricky point with three tracks crossing at the same place and horses coming at it every minute and a half or so! Apparently there will be 50,000 visitors in the park but hopefully they won’t all come to our fence at once! As if that isn’t enough pressure, there are three TV cameras pointing at us.  I am not going to tell you which fence is our until next week just in case we muck up!!! Mind you, if we do, we won’t be here next week to tell you! The other half is well into his anti-doping role too and is enjoying himself immensely. 

The team horses look magnificent and the riders look relaxed.  The stables are a dream, grooms are happy and the course is a picture.  Come on Team GB. 

In the middle of all this training and working we are still keeping the worm counts under control.  Pin worms seem to be dwindling a bit thank heavens but we are getting some unexpectedly high strongyle counts and even some tape segments showing up.  Global warming or something else? This morning I tested a horse that had been wormed with Ivermectin three months ago.  It had a count of 700 epg, had two tapeworm segments and a Dipylidium Caninum (dog tapeworm) in its sample!!! Truly weird. The point is just because your horse is wormed it doesn’t mean it is worm free and tapeworms are showing up early this year.  If you are in doubt have your horse worm counted.  If you are in Northampton, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, south Leicestershire or west Lincolnshire, Abacus will come out, worm count at your yard, give you the results immediately and talk through the implications and parasite control plan for your horse all for £7.50 – what price peace of mind?