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23 June 2012 Blog

posted 23 Jun 2012, 08:28 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All 

Well, what a week!  It’s been so mad that I hardly know where to begin.  Even though we have done the equivalent of 3 weeks work on the worm count front in 6 days, I have even had time to fit in a trip to London – more of that little jaunt later! 

The best news though is that my clever daughter got her degree results and she got a 2:1!  She is now a BSc (Hons) and this Mum is prouder than a cat with 15 tails never mind 2!  It just goes to show that hard work really does pay off – although she may be thinking otherwise as she has not yet totally recovered from all the hard work! 

The London outing was to go to the LOCOG accreditation and uniform fitting day – or in plain English, to get our Olympics uniform and security passes!  Husband, daughter and I are Gamesmaker Volunteers for the equestrian events, husband on the anti-doping team and daughter and I are working at the 3 day event as stewards.  I must say that the organisation on the day was amazing.  We were in and out in under 40 minutes having passed through what can only be described as a military precision conveyor belt operation.  We ended up with our uniforms in a smart black bag complete with umbrella, water bottle and post cards! They really have thought of everything.  We now have to go down to some training days at Greenwich and we really can’t wait to get amongst it!  I will, of course, keep you up to date on all that goes on. 

In the real world of worm counts though we have simply never stopped.  I gave a talk last Monday evening to the Northamptonshire Horse Watch Group on worm counting and parasite control.  It was a really enjoyable evening and this new group deserve all the support they can get as they are trying to revitalise a once busy area that somehow fell apart. These people are all volunteers so if you see their stand at a show go up to them and get involved – it’s you they are protecting. 

On the worm front we are seeing some ridiculously high counts at the moment.  I wish someone would do some research into the effect of this strange weather on parasites. I know it is the Jet Stream that is causing the mad conditions but people are assuring me that they are poo picking as well as usual and I do believe them as I see their clean fields when I go to their yards!  Pin worms are still a huge problem in Northampton with little as yet to shift them.  Keep using the aloe vera wipes until something better comes along! 

Well  I’m just off to the station to collect said daughter from her holiday in Portugal (no she went by plane, this is the end of the journey from Manchester Airport – 3 hours on a coach and 1 on a train!) so I will sign off now and tell you more about the worms next time. 

Bye for now 

The Ab-Lab Team

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