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21 July 2012 Blog

posted 21 Jul 2012, 06:46 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

I decided that it was time to emerge from all the mountains of poo we have been testing to tell you all about the Olympics and what we have been doing with them!  You may remember that other half, daughter and I applied to be Gamesmakers two years ago.  We were all successful and got great jobs working at Greenwich right in the middle of all the equine events!  Other half is working with the anti-doping team and we are stewarding on cross country day – does it get any better?  Oh yes.  This week we went down for some training and were taken on a tour of the cross country course!!!  Obviously we have been sworn to secrecy about the course but I can say that it is totally awesome!  Watch it on the Monday.  You will be blown away.  We don’t know where exactly on the course we will be, but we will be in our very distinctive uniforms complete with whistle and radio simply soaking up the atmosphere and being part of it all! 

Back to poo and worms though.  Have you noticed an increase in pin worms this year?  Has your horse been rubbing his tail more than usual or have you tried to get rid of them but they simply keep coming back?  Then you are not alone.  This year has been the worst year anyone can remember for pin worms.  Our local Vets are tearing their hair out trying to get rid of them to no avail.  Strongid P seems to be the best hope plus twice daily washes with aloe vera wipes. 

We have been collating results and working with the veterinary profession to try to help all the poor, half maddened horses and ponies in Northampton who are suffering from this terrible pest.  Watch this space for more information. 

Well, next time I write we will be back from the dress rehearsal for the Olympic cross country event and will be revving up for the real thing.  Wish us luck! 

Bye for now


The Ab-Lab Team

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