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13 June blog

posted 13 Jun 2012, 09:12 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

So sorry that this is late this week but we have just been madly busy and I have only just been able to sit down and write last Saturday’s blog – on Wednesday! 

In fairness, it was my birthday last Sunday (same as the Duke of Edinburgh) and I did take some time off to have Sunday lunch with my family, but had to work in the morning and then write up the results in the evening!  Slave drivers this Abacus lot! 

I am such a lucky girl though as my lovely daughter commissioned a painting of my beautiful horse, Eric, who you may remember sadly died last December following a tragic accident in his field.  I will post a picture of the painting on facebook when I can figure out how! But it has totally captured his slightly quirky expression.  When I saw it I burst into tears! “Please tell me they are happy tears!” said the distraught daughter – but oh yes, they were.  I now have him hanging on the wall over my desk and we have little chats from time to time. 

Then there was the birthday cake! Said daughter produced a pink worm complete with edible bling and pyrotechnic candles which the restaurant staff carried in ceremoniously, singing ‘happy birthday’ and wondering if we were all totally mad.  I will add a picture of this on facebook too!  Considering she could not even boil an egg when she went to University 3 years ago it is pretty impressive.  Speaking of University, I am writing this blog whilst waiting with baited breath for phone call from same daughter who is, as I write, going to get her degree finals results!  Calm aren’t I?  It is all a lie as I am in total melt down to the point where I was not allowed to go out this afternoon to test any poo!  I will let you know next week how she got on. 

Well, as I’m only fit for office work today I had better go and do some!  There are all this morning’s results to send out and I have a talk to write for next week so I’d better get on with it. 

Until next Saturday.

Bye for now

The Ab-Lab Team

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