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06 June Blog - Jubilee Weekend

posted 6 Jun 2012, 11:05 by Abacus Equine Lab

Hi All

Well I hope that by the time you read this you will all have had a wonderful, if rather soggy, Jubilee holiday.  I am writing this on Monday evening before going out to join the rest of the family at the village celebrations.  We have a fete with cake competitions, a picnic in the park and bouncy castles and a beacon to light at 10pm! Very British and luckily now, quite dry! Hopefully I will be able to remain awake until 10 pm as I have been out fence judging at a 3 Day Event since 8 am this morning which was great fun and, thankfully, uneventful (pardon the intentional pun!) 

Yesterday I was judging in-hand classes all day in the pouring rain.  I felt so terribly sorry for all the competitors and the beautiful horses and ponies who were beautifully turned out despite the foul conditions.  Well done to them for turning up! 

It is amazing how many people recognize us when we arrive at shows these days. They always ask if we are worm counting at the show and look forward to seeing the trailer or pagoda.  They will come over for a chat, book their testing days or quite often, bring us a bag of poo to test.  We are unfortunately so busy that we have had to limit our show attendances this year but we usually end up bringing several little bags of horse poo back with us to test!  The Lab light is often on until well into the night! 

Well, with a full week waiting for us next week and an early morning getting up at 5.30 to see the Transit of Venus across the sun on Wednesday, I’d better go and get some much needed sleep! See you next week. 

Bye for now 

The Ab-Lab Team

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