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05 August 2012 Blog

posted 5 Aug 2012, 05:51 by Abacus Equine Lab
Hi All

Well we’re back from Greenwich! We had the most amazing time doing our Olympic string holding job!  As we clearly came across as experienced string holders (!) we were given a very difficult crossing with three bits of track all within about 40 metres.  More importantly though, was that we only had about 8 seconds from hearing the whistle to clear the track and considering the public were taking on average 30 seconds to meander across we were encouraging some sprinting that would rival a certain Mr U Bolt!  Thankfully we had no dramas and were even able to stand within 10 metres of the Market Garden fence so we saw lots of horses too!

The day was brilliant, the crowd on the whole were friendly towards us (some people just do not want to be told that a horse galloping at over 30 miles an hour may just spoil their day if it hits them on the crossing), and the horses were fabulous.  It was such a thrill to be part of the Olympic Games and it is something I will never, ever forget.  The other half however, is still down there every day this week working on the anti-doping team.  He comes home each night exhausted but thrilled at what he has been part of during the day.

Whilst all this has been going on, of course, we have been continuing to offer a full mobile worm count service to our clients!  With a bit of clever juggling of appointments we have been able to keep at least one, often both labs on the road and all results have been emailed (the test is reported and discussed at the yard and an email is sent for the client’s records later that day), sometimes a little later than usual, but always on the same day as testing so really, no one would know anything has been different!  Only us who have been down at Greenwich that is and boy have we seen something different!

Next week all is back to normal and we are getting into the lecture season.  We have lots of talks booked for September and October so hopefully worm counting will be introduced to lots of new horse owners soon!

Well, I’m off to watch the second round of the team show jumping on the laptop so let’s hope we can add another medal to our brilliant Event Team’s lovely silver.

Bye for now

The Ab-Lab Team

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